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**I’m going to hand you the secrets to success in a business model that pulls back the curtain and lets you in on powerful training, planning, strategies, and all the critical steps required to profit from ready-made websites and blogs to skyrocket your Income!

...all for a TINY fraction of the time and money you would have to spend if you bought expensive membership software and learned from trial and error!



Anybody can do it, if you are ready to learn.However, if you are from IT FIELD, you are perfect fit for THIS because you will have advantage of cutting learing curve and start implementing directly from day one.You don't need to be master or expert in programming, you just need introductory knowledge about how web dev/design thing work.

If you are not from IT field, no worry at all, you just have to learn wordpress and little bit about hosting.I will provide all video tutorial, you just have to gone through that once. It will take only 2 to 3 hr extra.


Dear Friend,

My name is Pawan Singh, a software engineer from the beautiful country of India BUT I NEVER WENT FOR JOB. I started my career as Freelance web developer and later turned into freelancer, website flipping expert and now successful entrepreneur.

This training is about one of my very successful venture starter website flipping. I started training for this because this is easiest & guaranteed system, anybody with little bit knowledge of web development thing can easily make money from this.It is also great for people who don't have IT background because main thing here site devlopment is outsourced... 

Presently, I am the CEO of 'Tech Company', currently employing 8 people, with clients from all over the world, (in more than 17 countries). You can also contact us for any website/application development work or social media branding services requirements. 

I also offer services on many different freelance websites and online marketplaces, (this training is about helping others succeed) but the efforts have not been my main source of income but contributed to my successful entrepreneurial journey. 

The main purpose of this training directly from me is to help few people start their online businesses without loss or failures. Once you learn it only takes 1 hr per day to implement this system or you can also do in weekend.Making $500 to $1500 per month is very easy, can be done in 10 to 20 hr of work. 

We believe in karma and our core philosophy is The CLIENT ALWAYS COMES FIRST. Our mission is and has always been that we over DELIVER more than what our clients pay for ... 

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Use Sub-Headline To Tell How You Struggle With The
Problem That You Have And Keep Your Story Interesting ...

Just like in a movie, one or two problems are NOT enough. To captivate your readers' attention, give them one more shocking problem or a "twist" that can agitate the your pain, and about to give up. It's like you hit rock bottom. Take your time when writing this section. Play with your words to make your audience can feel what you have felt. You can start your story using the past tense and slowly change to use the present tense instead so your story is like happening right now.

If you have a long story that can make your audience bored to death, here's some tips to make it interesting:

  • Cut your long story into several parts, and use sub-headline at the beginning of each part.
  • Take your time when writing the sub-headlines as they need to keep your readers` attention captivated.
  • Keep each and every paragraph short.
  • You can also use bullet points to list several things that may sound familiar with your audience.
  • Read your story several times, and tweak and rewrite your story if you have to. Remove some  unnecessary part.

Tell Them How You Finally Able To Solve Your Problem ...

This is the point where you cannot go back. No matter what, you have to face and solve your problem. In this section, you can tell your audience how you finally able to solve your problem.

After trial & error, you also able to help your family, friends, or colleagues that have the same problem as yours. And now, you're about to tell the world the *Secret Weapon* that your use to finally solve and get rid of the problem(s) completely.

Introducing ...

[Placed your product image here]

Introduce about your product a bit, and let them how UNIQUE your product is, and continue the product introduction by listing 3-4 main benefits of your product:

  • Product Main Benefit #1 - How this product can solve your problem and brought you to where you are right now.
  • Product Main Benefit #2 - What this product has that other products doesn't have.
  • Product Main Benefit #3 - What this product can do to solve your readers` problem

Explain How Easy It Is To Use Your Product To Solve The Problem

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"This testimonial text can convinve your site visitors to make a positif decision toward buying your product"

- Name

List More Benefits Your Visitors Can Get If They Buy ...

  • Product Benefit #1 - Explain your product benefit here ...
  • Product Benefit #2 - Explain your product benefit here ...
  • Product Benefit #3 - Explain your product benefit here ...
  • Product Benefit #4 - Explain your product benefit here ...
  • Product Benefit #5 - Explain your product benefit here ...
  • Product Benefit #6 - Explain your product benefit here ...
  • And Many More ...

Provide Proof That Your Product Works

Giving your visitors a proof that your product works is very important to convince your prospects. This could be anything depending on the type of the product that you're trying to sell. It could be a statistic proof, video demo, interviews, and also more testimonials, etc.

Offer Some Special Bonuses For FREE!

To increase the value of your product, you can add some additional bonuses for FREE. Something companion with your main product. Maybe like training videos, free access to another product of yours, members-only forum, etc. And importantly, you have to offer a support or help desk for your customers.

Tell Them The Price Of Your Product

First, you can recap what they will get when they purchase by listing your main product and all the bonuses. Give your main product and each bonus a value. Calculate all the values to obtain the total values. For example:

Main Product

Bonus #1

Bonus #2

Bonus #3

Bonus #4








Based on the total values above, you can let them know that you can easily sell your product for about $400 - $600 because you already spend so much money and time in developing the product. However, you can tell them that you won't charge them for that price. In fact, you won't charge them even for $200 (which is less then a half of the total value).

You only need to pay for $600 $400 $200 $97 if they act fast. You can use a scarcity tactic by letting them know that you will increase the price in x days later, or you will close the offer in x days from now.

Offer A 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

Now you can test drive our product for two months with NO RISK!

If you think that our product is useless for you, simply contact our support, and will return 100% of your money. No Question Asked!

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